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Posted By CEWEK SEXY On 11.31

Foto Acha Septriasa

Foto Acha Septriasa, Acha Septriasa or usually called Acha (born in Jakarta, 1 September 1989; age 19 years), she was born with the name Jelita Septriasa. Acha was a singer and indonesia actress and Islam religion.
Foto Acha Septriasa
Sagitta Ahimsha is daughterand Rita Emza began to plunge into the world of entertainment at GADIS Sampul 2004. The owner of this body 164cm/46 kilogram to plunge the world acting through the film “What I Mean?” (2005) which appear as supporting players Shandy Aulia. He became famous when the main movie with Heart Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah. Not only play movies, Acha also a singer in the film soundtrack, with berduet Irwansyah, Acha Septriasa boyfriend until that time. Soundtrack album is getting a double platinum award, for Best Original Soundtrack of this year. Not only in Indonesia, Acha also well in Malaysia. Even songs a duet with the boyfriend, Irwansyah, such as “Up Close Eyes,” “My Heart,” and “Women’s Lovers”, occupies top list in radio there.

The success of “Heart” is to bring the two lovers to play again in this film Love is love and sinetron “If I Know.”

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